Why invest in monitoring plants and machines?

Keeping an industrial site under control not only means knowing what is happening on each machine or line at all times, but also allows you to use the data to improve maintenance processes and increase efficiency. This means eliminating all those wastes that in the past could not be avoided.

Traditional maintenance involves works based on the life expectancy of a given component, but often this forecast cannot have a good reliability, because the variables involved are manifold and the unexpected is around the corner. So we find ourselves working on a machine and maybe replacing components that would have worked for a long time or, on the contrary, not replacing a worn out component and causing a machine stop with all its consequences. In both cases the money to be paid out can be absolutely not negligible.

The latest technologies in this sector allow you to manage targeted maintenance works, avoiding both unnecessary replacements and downtime. The costs saved with these types of systems are much greater than you can imagine and consequently there is a return on investment in a short time. Our IPS Cloud system is based on these technologies and offers a 360-degrees service for all types of needs.

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