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impianti elettrici industriali

Remote supervision and control
Data collection e analysis
Production efficiency
Predictive maintenance
Automatic reporting

IPS Cloud - IoT Platform

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Impreove control
Optimize efficiency
Reduce costs

IPS Cloud - IoT PlatformIPS Cloud - Everything Under Control

Industrial Digital Transformation

IPS Cloud system allows remote supervision and control of any kind of machines, lines and plants. The data are managed and analyzed by the cloud servers, to give the user all the needed information and reports, which are accessible from any devices (PC, tablet, smartphone).

Besides having everything under control, the data collection brings a higher production efficiency, a reduction of maintenance works and a continuous improvement of processes. All this can be summed up with a significant reduction in costs.

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Advantages of industrial monitoring

Why invest in monitoring plants and machines? Keeping an industrial site under control not only means knowing what is happening on each machine or line at all times, but also allows you to use the data to improve maintenance processes…