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Artificial Neural Networks and Machine Learning

Seen from the outside, an artificial neural network is a program run by a computer. Its peculiarity compared to other programs is the ability to learn the relationships between the input data and the output data (the results), this is obtained through a basic logical structure that does not change as the data and relationships […]

The evolution of artificial intelligence

Many people think that computers were invented after the discovery of electricity. In reality, the firsts were mechanical and dated back to the second half of the 1600s and were already able to carry out operations of addition, subtraction, and multiplication. But it was in the thirties of the last century that the foundations for […]

What is artificial intelligence?

We often hear about artificial intelligence, but what it is and what its real potentials are is not always clear. The purpose of this and the following articles is to try to clarify and define its boundaries, up to its practical applications and advantages. Let’s start from intelligence First, we should try to define what […]

What are KPIs and how to use them?

To operate, a company needs to create profits. There are two macro factors on which we can work to improve this: the increase in revenues and the reduction of costs. In both cases, I need to know the details of the current situation, compare it with the goals I have set, and define what actions […]

How to make the company network secure

Today all corporate networks are connected to the internet. The reasons are numerous, from the exchange of emails to the search for information, from the use of the cloud for data storage to the various services that we access with a browser. Furthermore, we increasingly need to access the corporate network remotely, whether from our […]

Cyber Security in the Cloud

I want to start with the assumption that anything connected to the internet is potentially vulnerable to cyber attacks. It can be a computer, a mobile phone, an alarm system, or any other device. It has an umbilical cord that can turn into a gateway for hackers. Therefore, it is sufficient not to connect anything […]

Advantages of industrial monitoring

Why invest in monitoring plants and machines? Keeping an industrial site under control not only means knowing what is happening on each machine or line at all times, but also allows you to use the data to improve maintenance processes and increase efficiency. This means eliminating all those wastes that in the past could not […]